This page goes along with topics about PHP programming for EBUS202

These examples put several of the techniques suggested in the text and class to use and you're welcome to use them for projects #2 and #3.

Javascript demo: launch new window, edit form data, send email...

Javascript is 'hard coded' in this link to pop up an annoying Alert before opening JavaScriptDemo.html in a new, small browser window. The new window uses HTML FORM input (text, select, and textarea) elements for the user to enter data & edits them when the Submit button is clicked, not allowing a form with any empty fields to be submitted to the server. After the user reviews their data and clicks OK, an email containing the form's contents is sent to the email address entered on the form.

SESPofP Donation Reports: GET data demo

The reports demonstrate using PHP to deliver active content from a MySQL database or a linux command. The links on this page, index.html, include GET data in a variable named WhichReport after the ? in the URL that is used by DonationReports.php to deliver the selected report. Project #2 is to add LinkToReports.html and DonationReports.php to your class website and modify them to make two new reports.

SESPofP Donation Reports: HTML FORM and POST data demo

LinkToReportsPOST.html adds involves html forms and a select control to get more detailed input from the user and transmit it to the server with POST data. It shows how PHP can add an html <select> control to a form to provide a user with a list of options, then respond to the selected option.

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